Courses in this Area

Soc 530:       Sociology of Family                                         

Soc 524:                Demography of Human Fertility

SOC 537:              Biosocial Perspectives on the Family

Soc 597:                Immigration, Families & Health 

SOC597                 Family Policy                                     

SOC 597                Gender and Population                

SOC 597                Social Networks                               

SOC 597                Criminal Violence                            

HDFS 525:           Intro to Family Studies                                  

HDFS 521:            Child Maltreatment

HDFS 546:            Seminar in Family Relationships                

HDFS 577:           Poverty, Policies, and Child Devel             

HDFS 597:           Parenting                                                           

HDFS 597:            Intergenerational Relationships                                                

HDFS 597:            Immigrant Youth & Families                       

RSOC 525:            Fertility, population change, and development

HRER 523:          Seminar in Work-Life Dilemmas, Practices, and Policies   WMNST 523