Urban, Community, and Spatial Sociology

People specializing in this area


Eric P. Baumer

communities and crime, mobilization of law

Francis Dodoo

urban poverty

Corina Graif

Consequences of urban poverty and population diversity on crime and on the dynamics of personal and community social capital

John Iceland

Racial/ ethic residential segregation, immigration and immigrant communities, poverty, social demography

Barrett Lee

Neighborhood change, racial/ethnic segregation and diversity, urban homelessness, spatial aspects of affluence, community attachment, local social networks

Stephen A. Matthews

Communities, neighborhoods, health, spatial inequality, built environment, human spatial behavior, racial/ethnic residential segregation

Darrell Steffensmeier

theory construction, including development of theories of gender/crime relationship, age/crime relationship, and criminal justice decision making, patterns and predictors of crime, criminal careers and life-course criminality  

Kevin J.A. Thomas

immigrant incorporation

Ashton M. Verdery


Scott T. Yabiku

human & ecological communities