Amber N. Sanders

Amber N. Sanders

PhD Candidate in Criminology

518 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. 2018 (expected) Ph.D. Criminology, The Pennsylvania State Univeristy
  2. 2015 M.S. Criminal Justice, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
  3. 2013 B.S. Psychology, Minor in Justice Studies, Georgia Southern University.


My dissertation examines the nature of change in school violence over the past 25 years using the National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988, Education Longitudinal Study of 2002, and School Survey on Crime and Safety. While the overwhelming focus in prior scholarship on school violence has been on describing and explaining cross-sectional patterns, I employ longitudinal designs to understand how school violence has changed over time and what may have influenced such changes. Broadly, I focus on two questions. First, what is the overall pattern of change in school violence since the early 1990s? Second, what factors are associated with observed changes in school violence over that period? In my research, I consider on how social institutions at the student-, school-, and community-levels may have influenced changes in school violence. Understanding what types of schools experienced changes in their levels of violence speak to important implications for school decision-makers including administrators, teachers, and legislators.

Dissertation Chair(s):

Eric Baumer

Research Interests:

Crime and punishment, school violence/delinquency, offender decision-making, substance use, quantitative methods, survey methods