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Emily Greenman

Emily Greenman

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography

516 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-2275

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph.D., University of Michigan, Sociology and Public Policy, 2007

Research and Teaching Interests

Children in immigrant families; gender inequality at home and in the workplace; work-family balance and women's earnings; social stratification; health inequalities


2007 Distinguished Dissertation Award, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan.

Grants and Fellowships

  • National Poverty Center Small Grant. “The Influence of Legal Status on Educational Transitions among Mexican Immigrant Youth: Empirical Patterns and Policy Implications.” (2009-2010)
  • National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship. “Does Acculturation Lower Educational Achievement for Children of Immigrants?” (2008-2010)

Selected Publications

  • Hall, Matthew and Emily Greenman. Forthcoming. “The Occupational Cost of Being Illegal: Legal Status and Job Hazard among Mexican and Central American Immigrants.” International Migration Review.
  • Matthew Hall and Emily Greenman. 2013. “Housing and Neighborhood Quality among Undocumented Mexican and Central American Immigrants." Social Science Research 42(6): 1712-1725.
  • Greenman, Emily and Matthew Hall. 2013. “Legal Status and Educational Transitions for Mexican and Central American Immigrant Youth.” Social Forces 91(4): 1475-1498.

  • Greenman, Emily. 2013. “Educational Attitudes, School Peer Context, and the ‘Immigrant Paradox’ in Education.” Social Science Research 42(3): 698-714.
  • Greenman, Emily, Katerina Bodovski, and Katherine Reed. 2011. “Neighborhood Characteristics, Parental Practices and Children’s Math Achievement in Elementary School.” Social Science Research 40(5): 1434-1444.
  • Xie, Yu and Emily Greenman. 2011. “The Social Context of Assimilation: Testing Implications of Segmented Assimilation Theory.” Social Science Research 40(3):965-984.
  • Greenman, Emily. 2011. “Asian American-White Differences in the Effect of Motherhood on Career Outcomes.” Work and Occupations 38(1): 37-67.
  • Greenman, Emily. 2011. “Assimilation Choices among Immigrant Families: Does School Context Matter?” International Migration Review 45(1): 29-67.
  • Hall, Matthew, Emily Greenman, and George Farkas. 2010. “Wage Disparities for Mexican Immigrants in Low-Skill Labor Markets.” Social Forces 89(2): 491-513.
  • Greenman, Emily and Yu Xie. 2008. “Double Jeopardy? The Interaction of Race and Gender on Earnings in the U.S.” Social Forces 86(3): 1217-1244.
  • Greenman, Emily and Yu Xie. 2008. “Is Assimilation Theory Dead? The Effect of Assimilation on Adolescent Well-Being.” Social Science Research 37(1): 109-137.
  • Xie, Yu, Yang Jiang, and Emily Greenman. 2008. “Did Send-Down Experience Benefit Youth? A Reevaluation of the Social Consequences of Forced Urban-Rural Migration during China’s Cultural Revolution.” Social Science Research 37(2): 686-700.
  • Ferry, Danielle, Bowen Garrett, Sherry Glied, Emily Greenman, and Len Nichols. 2002. “Health Insurance Expansions for Working Families.”Health Affairs 21(4): 246-254.
  • Garrett, Bowen, Len M. Nichols, and Emily Greenman. 2001. “Workers Without Health Insurance: Who Are They and How Can Policy Reach Them?” Published by The Urban Institute and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Research Interests:


Children in immigrant families, gender inequality at home and in the workplace, work-family balance and women's earnings, social stratification, health inequalities

The Stratification and Race/Ethnic/Gender Inequality Specialization in Sociology:

Race, ethnic and gender inequalities in health and earnings

The Sociology of Education Specialization:

Education of children in immigrant families, peer and friendship effects on behavior and educational outcomes

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