Kevin J.A. Thomas

Kevin J.A. Thomas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Demography, and African Studies

611 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-2387

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. PhD, University of Pennsylvania – December 2004


Honors and Awards

2014: American Sociological Association, Early Career Award (Honorable mention), Racial & Ethnic Minorities section

2012-2014 Young Scholar, Foundation for Child Development

2009 Fellow, Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvania State University

2009 Roy C Buck Award for Outstanding Scholarly Publication

2008 IPUMS International Outstanding Publication Award to a Junior Scholar

2004 David Bell Fellowship, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies

2003 Population Policy Communication Fellow, Population Reference Bureau

2002 Fogarty Institute Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

2001 Mellon Foundation Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

2001 Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society

Research Interests

Migration, Immigration, Race, Inequality, Families, Africa


2014, Thomas K.J.A. Diverse Pathways: Race and the Socioeconomic Incorporation of Black, White, and Arab-origin Africans in the US. Lansing, Michigan State University Press.

Selected  Articles


Thomas, K.J.A. Forthcoming “Race, generational status, and the dynamics of first marriage transitions among Black immigrants in the U.S.” Journal of Family Issues

Thomas, K.J.A. and Inkpen, C. 2016 “Foreign student migration to the US: pathways of entry, demographic antecedents, and origin-country contexts”, International Migration Review, DOI: 10.1111/imre.12265

 Thomas, K.J.A. 2016 “Highly-skilled emigration from Africa to the US: Exit mechanisms, demographic determinants, and the role of socioeconomic trends”, Population Research and Policy Review, 35(6): 825-849


Thomas, K.J.A. 2016 “Adoption, foreign-born status, and children’s progress in school”, Journal of Marriage and Family 78(1):75-90

Thomas, K.J.A. and Tucker, C. 2015 “Child poverty during the years of the Great Recession: An analysis of racial differences among immigrants and US natives” Race and Social Problems 7(4): 300-314

Thomas, K.J.A. 2015 “Occupational stratification, job mismatches, and child poverty: understanding the disadvantage of Black immigrants” Social Science Research, 50: 203-216

Smith-Greenaway, E., and Thomas, K.J.A. 2014: “Exploring child mortality risks associated with diverse patterns of maternal migration in Haiti”, Population Research and Policy Review, 1-23.

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Thomas, K.J.A. 2012 “Migration processes, family contexts, and schooling dropout among Black youth”; Demography, 49(2): 477-498

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Hill, K. , K.J. Thomas , C. AbouZhar , N. Walker , L. Say , M. Inoue and E. Suzuki (2007). "Estimates of Maternal Mortality Worldwide between 1990 and 2005", Lancet 370(9595) 1311-1319

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Thomas, K.J.A 2002: “Development Projects and Involuntary Population Displacement in Africa: Assessing the World Bank’s mitigation strategies” Population Research and Policy Review, 21(4): 339-349.

Research Interests:

Migration, Immigration, Race, Inequality, Families, Africa

Research Interests:


Migration, Immigration, Race, Inequality, Families, Africa

Urban, Community, and Spatial Sociology:

immigrant incorporation

Immigration and Incorporation:

Africa, race incorporation, adoption

Health and Life Course:

Migration, Immigration, Race, Inequality, Families, Africa