Study Abroad

CLJ students in front of la piramide de la luna.

All Sociology and Criminology majors are strongly encouraged to incorporate study abroad into their undergraduate education. An understanding of the world is crucial for today's students, and by studying abroad, students will gain an appreciation for cultures and ideas different from their own.

Program costs for education abroad vary depending upon the program and location. Scholarships are often available to help defer the costs of studying abroad. Enrichment funds from the College of the Liberal Arts are also available for students. If you're interested in these funds, please visit the information page for more information and to complete the Enrichment Funds application form.

If you have questions about studying abroad, contact the department advisers, or the Education Abroad Office for more information.  Criminology students may also be interested in the summer program in the Netherlands.

For more information about the benefits of studying abroad, requirements, and programs recommended by the department, click on the appropriate link below:

CRIM Study Abroad Information Sheet
SOC Study Abroad Information Sheet

For listing of CRIM and SOC courses accredited abroad, click on the following links:

CRIM Study Abroad Course Accreditations
SOC Study Abroad Course Accreditations

To find information on other courses accredited abroad, see the Education Abroad Web site.