Diversity in Our Program

Our Commitment To Diversity

The Department of Sociology and Criminology is committed to the recruitment, development, graduation, and placement of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds. In addition to substantial financial aid, minority students at Penn State and in the Liberal Arts can count on funding, support services, cultural events, and research and professional development opportunities that they need to reach their goals.

College of the Liberal Arts Values Statement

The College of the Liberal Arts is dedicated to free and critical inquiry into the human condition in all of its social, cultural, and historical diversity.  We are committed to maintaining a fearless and inclusive environment that supports an open and respectful exchange of ideas in the classroom, on campus, and on line. To that end, we do not tolerate threats, intimidation, harassment, vandalism, and violence directed at anyone in our community, no matter their race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, immigration status, socioeconomic status, political convictions, or disability. And, we support the work of all our departments and programs, including those focusing on the experiences of underrepresented groups.  

College of the Liberal Arts Honor Code

"I pledge to conduct myself with honor and integrity in all academic, personal, and professional pursuits. I will be responsible for the academic integrity of my work and encourage my peers to do the same. I will carry these values with me as I graduate from this college."

Department Diversity Promotion Committee

The goal of the department’s Diversity Promotion Committee is to increase the diversity of our students and faculty, foster an inclusive climate, and promote professional development. Over the years, this committee has worked to:

  • Encourage minority students to select the sociology major, and undergraduate majors to pursue graduate training
  • Attract minority students to our graduate program
  • Promote the recruitment of minority facultySponsor race/ethnicity programs within the department and occasional university-wide programs
  • Develop international/intercultural programs in the department
  • Enhance the instructional training of graduate students, focusing on teaching about race/ethnicity or in multi-racial classrooms.
  • Develop the department website so our commitment to diversity is effectively communicated
  • There are a number of resources available to undergraduate and graduate students in the university, college, and community. 

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