Dual-Title Degrees in Sociology

The sociology graduate program also participates in two of the interdisciplinary dual-title doctoral programs at the University.

MA, PhD in Sociology and Demography

The dual degrees of MA in Sociology and Demography and PhD in Sociology and Demography combine standard Sociology requirements with those of the interdisciplinary Demography  program, one of the top four population graduate programs.  Dual-degree students declare demography as their major area, which leaves them free to choose a minor area from the many offered by the department.  In addition to a course that provides an introduction to the field and a methods class in Demographic Techniques, students choose from a wide array of classes offered in different departments.  Students in the dual-degree program have the same average time-to-degree as other students.  The primary difference is that dual-degree students use demography classes in lieu of electives.

MA, PhD in Sociology and Social Data Analytics (SoDA)

Developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, this new program offers an intellectual opportunity to combine the strength of sociological methodology with interdisciplinary approaches to ‘big data’ and data analytics.  An essential component of this training involves instruction by faculty from computational, informational, statistical, and visual analytic sciences as well as other social sciences.  Dual-degree students declare SoDA as their minor area and fill their electives with the two required classes, SoDA500 and SoDA501, and then choose among qualifying classes inside and outside of the social sciences.  Most of the quantitative techniques classes taught in Sociology satisfy SoDA requirements. 

Demography and SoDA

For students who are interested in supplementing their graduate training in sociology with expertise in both demography and social data analytics, a formal minor in SoDA is also available.