Student Publications

Illustrative Dissertations of Former Graduate Students

Abell, Leslie. 2014. Exploring the Transition to Parenthood as a Pathway to Desistance.

Altman, Claire E.  2013.  High Fertility among Mexican Immigrants to the United States: Myth or Reality?

Baker, Elizabeth H.  2010.  Three essays on BMI trajectories by generation during the transition to adulthood.

Becker, Jacob. 2014.  Neighborhood Crime and Histories of Disadvantage: Structural Effects over Time and Space.

Cundiff, Patrick. 2013. Great Expectations Unmet: The Impact of Adolescent Educational Expectations on Deviant Behavior During the Transition to Adulthood.

Lippert, Adam M. 2013. Ready for Launch, but to where? Locational attainment and health during the transition to adulthood.

Remster, Brianna. 2013.  Invisible Men: A Longitudinal Analysis of Homelessness Among Ex-inmates.

Reyes, Adriana.  2016. Households, Families, and Economic Vulnerability: The Formation, Structure, and Financial Organization of Multifamily Households, 2008-2013.

Wallace, Lacey. 2014. Sibling Influence: The Moderating Effects of Sibling Social Status.

Warner, Cody. 2013. Home Again, Home Again: Incarceration, Residential Mobility, and Neighborhood Destinations.

Illustrative Publications of Current Graduate Students (organized by date)

Staff, Jeremy, Nayan Ramirez, and Kelsey Cundiff. Forthcoming.  “The Vanishing Teenage Worker in the United States.” Chapter in Schoon, Ingrid and John Bynner (eds.), Young People’s Development and the Great Recession: Uncertain Transitions and Precarious Futures. Cambridge University Press.

Furnas, Hannah E. 2016. "Capturing Complexities of Relationship‐Level Family Planning Trajectories in Malawi." Studies in Family Planning 47(3): 205-221.

Van Hook, Jennifer, Susana Quiros, Michelle L. Frisco, and Emnet Fikru. 2016. "It is hard to swim upstream: Dietary acculturation among Mexican-origin children." Population Research and Policy Review 35(2): 177-196.

Martin, Molly A., Jennifer L. Van Hook, and Susana Quiros. 2015. "Is socioeconomic incorporation associated with a healthier diet? Dietary patterns among Mexican-origin children in the United States." Social Science & Medicine 147: 20-29.

Staff, Jeremy, Corey Whichard, Sonja E. Siennick, and Jennifer L. Maggs. 2015. “Early Life Risks, Antisocial Tendencies, and Preteen Delinquency.” Criminology 53:677-701.

Van Hook, Jennifer, Susana Quiros, and Michelle Frisco.  2015.  “The Food Similarity Index:  A Dimension of Dietary Acculturation Based on Dietary Recall Data”.  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 17(2): 441-449

Ruiz, Andrea L. & Gabriel A. Acevedo. 2014. “True Believers? Religion, Physiology and Perceived Body Weight in Texas.” Journal of Religion and Health, 54(4):1221-1237.

Pudrovska, Tetyana, Ellis S. Logan, and Aliza Richman. 2014. “Early-Life Social Origins of Later Life Body Weight: The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Health Behaviors Over the Life Course”. Social Science Research 46: 59-71.

Pudrovska, Tetyana, Eric N. Reither, Ellis S. Logan, and Kyler J. Sherman-Wilkins. 2014. "Gender and Reinforcing Associations between Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Body Mass over the Life Course." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 55(3): 283-301.

Publications (2013-2016) of Former Students (organized alphabetically by 1st author)

Altman, Claire E., Jennifer Van Hook, and Jonathan Gonzalez.  2016.  “Becoming Overweight Without Gaining a Pound: Weight Evaluations and the Social Integration of Mexicans in the United States.”  International Migration Review.

Altman, Claire E., Jennifer Van Hook, and Marianne Hillemeier.  2016.  “What does self-rated health mean? Changes and variations in the association of obesity with objective and subjective components of self-rated health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 57(1): 39-58.

Baker, Elizabeth H. and Claire E. Altman.  2015.  "Maternal Ratings of Child Health and Child Obesity, Variations by Mother's Race/Ethnicity and Nativity," Maternal and Child Health Journal 19(5): 1000-9.

Becker, Jacob H. 2016. “The Dynamics of Neighborhood Structural Conditions: The Effects of Concentrated Disadvantage on Homicide over Time and Space.” City & Community 15(1):64-82.

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Cundiff, Patrick R., and Duane F. Alwin. 2015. "Changing Beliefs about Crime and Punishment in American Society." Journal of Law and Criminal Justice 3(1): 49-66.

Firebaugh, Glenn, Francesco AcciaiAggie J. NoahChristopher Prather, and Claudia Nau. 2014. "Why the racial gap in life expectancy is declining in the United States." Demographic Research 31: 975.

Firebaugh, Glenn, Francesco AcciaiAggie J. NoahChristopher Prather, and Claudia Nau. 2014. “Why lifespans are more variable among blacks than among whites in the United States.” Demography 51(6): 2025-45.

Hardy, Melissa A., and Adriana Reyes. 2016. "The Longevity Legacy of World War II: The Intersection of GI Status and Mortality." Gerontologist, 56(1): 104-114.

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Houle, Jason, J Michael Collins, and Max Schmeiser. 2015. “Flu and Finances: Influenza Outbreaks and Loan Defaults in U.S. Cities, 2004-2012” American Journal of Public Health 105:e75-e80

Houle, Jason* and Danya Keene*. 2015. “Getting Sick and Falling Behind: Health and the Risk of Mortgage Default and Home Foreclosure” Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 69:382-387.

*author listing is alphabetical, authors contributed equally to the manuscript

*Article findings were featured in national news outlets, including Reuters ( and the Washington Post (

Houle, Jason. 2014. “Mental Health in the Foreclosure Crisis” Social Science & Medicine 118: 1-8.

Hu, Anning and Jacob Hibel. 2013. “Educational Attainment and Self-Rated Health in Contemporary China: A Survey-based Study in 2010.” The Social Science Journal 50: 674–680.

Kane, Jennifer B. 2016. “Marriage Advantages in Perinatal Health: Evidence of Marriage Selection or Marriage Protection?” Journal of Marriage and Family 78(1): 212-229.

Kane, Jennifer B. 2015. “An Integrative Model of Inter- and Intragenerational Preconception Processes Influencing Birthweight in the United States.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 56(2): 246-261.

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Lippert, Adam M., Clare Rosenfeld, Fahad Razak, and S.V. Subramanian. Forthcoming. “Association between continuity and change in early neighborhood poverty and adult cardiometabolic biomarkers in the US:  Results from the 1995-2008 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health,” American Journal of Epidemiology.

Lippert, Adam M. and Daniel Corsi (equal authorship). Forthcoming. “An examination of the shift in school-level clustering of US adolescent e-cigarette use and its multilevel correlates, 2011-2013,” Health & Place.

Lippert, Adam M. 2016. “Stuck in unhealthy places: How entering, exiting, and remaining in poor neighborhoods is associated with obesity during the transition to adulthood,” Journal of Health & Social Behavior 57(1).

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Smith-Greenaway, Emily. Forthcoming. “Community Context and Child Health: A Human Capital Perspective.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

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