Certificates and Minors


Students with an interest in being able to apply and ultimately teach different types of quantitative methods can complete the Certificate in Quantitative Methodology  as a special accreditation in addition to the Ph.D.  Those who envision a career in survey design and data analysis can pursue a similar accreditation with a Certificate in Survey Methodology.

Formal Minor or Dual-Title Degree in SoDA

Students interested in developing skill in the collection and analysis of “Big Data” can opt for multidisciplinary training in this area by earning either a formal minor in Social Data Analytics (SoDA) or enrolling in the dual title degree program in Sociology and Social Data Analytics. 

Graduate Student Methodology Workshops

The Population Research Institute (PRI) Graduate Student Methodology Workshops were initiated in 1994 to enhance the breadth and depth of training in demographic methods for PRI's Dual-Title Graduate Degree students. The goals of the workshop series are to empower students to identify important methodological issues, to expand their analytical skills related to those issues, and to invite noted lecturers.  Recent topics have included special lectures on Agent Based Modeling (2016) and Mixed Methods Data Collection (2017). 

Area of Specialization

Some students aspire to be quantitative methodologists.  Their goals include developing innovative approaches for investigating key sociological questions, contributing to the refinement or elaboration of current approaches, and engaging in constructive debates about how our models and methods can be improved.  With the approval of the DGS, students may choose to designate Quantitative Methodology as an area of specialization within the Sociology department.