Courses in this Area

Courses in the Sociology Department

SOC 501 Theories of Society I
SOC 503 Theories of Society II
SOC 533 Sociology of Religion
SOC 538 Sociology of Education
SOC 597  Sociology of Culture
SOC 597 Symbolic Interaction
SOC 544 Complex organization
SOC 597 Social movements
CLJ 501 Criminal Justice Institutions and Organizations
SOC/CLJ 597 Sentencing and Corrections

Courses in other departments

HIST/RLST 562 Studies in Comparative Religion
MGMT 538 Organizational Theory
PHIL 581 Hermeneutics
PL SC 506 Game Theory for Political Science I
PL SC 507 Game Theory for Political Science II
PL SC 551 Comparative Political Institutions
PL SC 556 Civil Conflict
PL SC 581 History of Political Theory
PL SC 582 Analytic Political Theory
PL SC 583 Modern Political and Social Theory
WMNST 518 Global Black Feminist Thought