Graduate Courses in Sociology

In addition to the illustrative Sociology courses listed below, many of our students enroll in seminars offered by other Penn State graduate programs, including Anthropology, Economics, Education Policy Studies, Geography, History, Human Development and Family Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Rural Sociology, Statistics, and Women’s Studies

SOC 500 Professionalization Seminar
SOC 502 Classical Theory
SOC 503 Contemporary Theory
SOC 513 Soc. Research Methods
SOC 518 Survey Methods I
SOC 519 Survey Methods II
SOC 521 Family Demography
SOC 522 Demography of the Life Course
SOC 523 Internal and International Migration
SOC 525 Immigration, Assimilation, and Inequality
SOC 526 Health Disparities
SOC 527 Migration, Urbanization, Policy
SOC 529 Seminar in Race and Ethnicity
SOC 530 Sociology of Family
SOC 532 Global Health and Mortality
SOC 533 Sociology of Religion Seminar
SOC 535 Sociology of Aging
SOC 537 Biosocial Perspectives on the Family
SOC 538 Sociology of Education
SOC 544 Current Issues in Complex Organizations
SOC 551 Stratification
SOC 553 Educational Mobility in Comparative Perspective 
SOC 560 Urban Sociology
SOC 572 Causal Analysis
SOC 573 Demographic Techniques 
SOC 574 Statistical Methods for Social Research 
SOC 575 Statistical Methods II
SOC 577 Event History
SOC 578 Multilevel Modeling
SOC 579 Spatial Demography
SOC 580 Social Network Analysis 
SOC 591 Teaching
SOC 592 Writing for Publication in the Social Sciences
SOC 595 A Survey Research Practicum 
SOC 597 Education and Demographic Change in the United States and Abroad
SOC 597 Demography of Gender
SOC 597 Economic Sociology
SOC 597 Family Policy
SOC 597 Gender & Social Psychology
SOC 597 Political Sociology
SOC 597 Qualitative Methods
SOC 597 Race, Immigration, and Res Inequality
SOC 597 Sociology of Culture
SOC 597 Social Psychology
SOC 597 Collective Action & Social Movements
SOC 597 Demography of Inequality
SOC 597 Population, Gender, and Africa

*Offered in the last five years