Yeris Mayol-Garcia (2016)

Adjunct Lecturer - Department of Sociology at Georgetown University
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Yeris Mayol-Garcia  (2016)

Yeris's research areas include:  Demography, Sociology, Children and Family, Immigration, Latin American Studies, and Life Course Perspective.

"I am a social scientist interested in the intersection of the scholarship on immigration, family studies, minorities, and the life course. I am particularly invested in the developmental and socioeconomic outcomes of children of migrants, either at the destination or in the communities of origin. Although my work is grounded in the sociology and demography literature, I have a deep interest in applying theoretical and methodological insights from cultural anthropology and developmental studies. My formal academic training and professional work as a statistician demographer at the U.S. Census Bureau provide me with an interdisciplinary and international view of research, in addition to excellent communication, teamwork and quantitative analysis skills. My interest in children of migrants stems from my own experiences as the child of a missionary couple moving from one country to another every so often. My hope is that I can provide quality information to the public to improve immigrant family experiences around the world." - Yeris -