People specializing in this area


David P. Baker

worldwide education revolution’s impact on the historical rise of postindustrial society and global development

Jonathan Daw

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in how demographic, inequality, and biological processes combine to influence health and well-being.

Jennifer Glick

Demography, Family, Migration, Race/ Ethnicity

Steven A. Haas

social stratification, demography of health and aging

Melissa A. Hardy

Aging, labor force and older workers, retirement economics

John Iceland

Social demography, poverty, residential segregation, immigration

Valarie King

Inter-generational relations, family demography, life course and aging

Nancy Luke

Social demography; gender, marriage, and family; sexual, reproductive, and child health; migration and remittances; Africa and South Asia

Liying Luo

quantitative Methods, Demography, Life Course, Inequality, Health Disparities

Molly A. Martin

Family and adolescent obesity, inter-generational social class

Stephen A. Matthews

Spatial demography, population and environment, neighborhoods and families

Jennifer Van Hook

International immigration, immigrant health, living arrangements

Ashton M. Verdery

Social Networks, Computational Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Social Demography

Scott T. Yabiku

Demography, Family, Population and Environment, Migration