Family and Relationships

People specializing in this area


Sarah Damaske

Work-Family, Gender

Jonathan Daw

extended kinship, aging


Francis Dodoo

fertility, gender roles

Diane Felmlee

close relationships, social networks

Richard Felson

Social psychology of violence; race, regional, and national differences in violence

Sarah A Font

child abuse and maltreatment, foster care, family policy

Michelle Frisco

health and well-being of young people, obesity among youth and adolescents, health disparities, mental health, the ways that schools shape young people’s lives

Jennifer Glick

children's social development, transition to adulthood, family life course, family formation

Melissa A. Hardy

generational family structure

Valarie King

Father-child relationships, grandparent-grandchild relationships, child well-being, religion and family behavior

Derek Kreager

Life Course, Crime and Delinquency, Incarceration, Romantic and Peer Networks

Nancy Luke

marriage, spousal bargaining, developing countries

Molly A. Martin

Social inequality, family, demography, health

Holly Nguyen

Rewards from Crime, Groups and Crime, Illicit Drug Markets, Criminological Theory

Ashton M. Verdery

Kinship, Social Networks