Health and Life Course

People specializing in this area


David Baker

cognitive skills, health risk behaviors, schooling effects on health

Sarah Brothers

Illicit substance use, qualitative methods, HIV and HCV, injection drug use practices, medication-based treatment, overdose

Sarah Damaske

Life Course, Health Disparities

Jonathan Daw

biological processes, gene-environment interaction, health behaviors, transplants

Francis Dodoo


Michelle Frisco

health and well-being of young people, obesity among youth and adolescents, health disparities, mental health, the ways that schools shape young people’s lives

Corina Graif

mental health, distress

Steven A. Haas

health & aging, health disparities, adolescent mental health

Melissa A. Hardy

health & aging, health disparities, mortality, chronic illness

Derek Kreager

Life Course, Crime and Delinquency, Incarceration, Romantic and Peer Networks

Nancy Luke

sexual behavior, child nutrition, developing countries

Molly A. Martin

child obesity, family processes & child health

Stephen A. Matthews

population health, physical activity, diet & obesity

David Ramey

Crime, Deviance, and Social Control,Behavioral Health,Social Demography,Social Disparities in Population Health,Immigration/Migration,Quantitative Methods

Jeremy Staff

criminology, life course studies, and stratification

Jennifer Van Hook

immigrant health, obesity, child health