Quantitative Methods

People specializing in this area


Diane Felmlee

Quantitative Methodology; longitudinal analysis; interdependent events

Corina Graif

Crime, Risk, and Justice, Communities and Urban Sociology, Spatial Stratification and Mobility

Melissa A. Hardy

Statistical distributions, analysis of discrete and continuous data

Liying Luo

Quantitative Methods, Demography, Life Course, Inequality, Health Disparities

Molly A. Martin

Structural equation models, twin models

Stephen A. Matthews

Spatial analysis, GIS

Jeremy Staff

criminology, life course studies, and stratification

Jennifer Van Hook

Event history models, applied demography methods

Ashton M. Verdery

Social Networks, Computational Sociology, Quantitative Methodology, Social Demography

Scott T. Yabiku

Demography, Family, Population and Environment, Migration