Social Inequality

People specializing in this area


David P. Baker

Macrostructural, comparative

Sarah Brothers

Gender, housing, homelessness, knowledge, expertise

Sarah Damaske

Gender, Social Class, Race/Ethnicity, Work

Jonathan Daw


health disparities, educational attainment, race/ethnicity


Diane Felmlee

gender, power

Steven A. Haas

labor market success, work & health, race/ethnicity

Melissa A. Hardy

intergenerational mobility, economic inequality, pensions 

John Iceland

Social demography, poverty, residential segregation, immigration

Nancy Luke

gender, remittances, developing countries

Molly A. Martin

Family and adolescent obesity, inter-generational social class

Stephen A. Matthews

Spatial demography, population and environment, neighborhoods and families

Jeremy Staff

criminology, life course studies, and stratification

Darrell Steffensmeier

theory construction, including development of theories of gender/crime relationship, age/crime relationship, and criminal justice decision making, patterns and predictors of crime, criminal careers and life-course criminality