Joeun Kim

Joeun Kim

PhD Candidate in Sociology and Demography

514 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. MSc Sociology, University of Oxford 2014
  2. BA Sociology, Sungkyunkwan University 2012



Joeun Kim and Nancy Luke. “Men's Economic Dependency, Gender Ideology, and Stress at Midlife.” Forthcoming, Journal of Marriage and Family

Mak, Hei Wan, Joeun Kim, and Senhu Wang. 2019. "The Role of Parent-Adolescent Relationships in the Development of (Pre) Hypertension in Young Adulthood in the US." Journal of Adolescent Health 64, no. 2 (2019): 258-264.

<Manuscript Under Review>

Joeun Kim and Nancy Luke. “Lowest Low Fertility in South Korea: Policy and Domestic Support and the Transition to Second Birth in Korea.” Conditionally accepted, Social Forces

<Manuscript In Progress>

Joeun Kim “Bad Jobs and Housework Allocation in Korea.” – draft available

Joeun Kim “At the Leading Edge of Never Marrying in East Asia: Voluntary Celibacy among Recent College Graduates in Korea.” – draft available


Women’s Contingent Work, Domestic Labor, and Work-Family Conflict

Dissertation Chair(s):

Nancy Luke, Sarah Damaske

Research Interests:

(1) Gender Dynamics in Heterosexual Relationship, Gender Division of Domestic Labor, Non-Standard Employment, Work-Family Incompatibility (2) Low Fertility in East Asia, Gender Inequality and Demographic Changes in East Asia