Lily Hanrath

Lily Hanrath
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Two Systems are Better than One?: How Interactions between Police and CPS workers influence Outcomes in Child Maltreatment Cases:

My dissertation analyzes how interaction between Child Protective Services (CPS) and police influence detection and arrests in child abuse and neglect cases. While there have been a few studies looking at how criminal actors influence CPS outcomes, little is known on the influence of CPS on the justice system. This is an important area to develop as CPS is intimately involved in the justice process whenever there are children affiliated with the case. Since the majority of defendants have kids, even when there are no issues of child abuse CPS is instrumental in arranging things such as custody and prison visitation.

Dissertation Chair(s):

Jeffery Ulmer

Research Interests:

Criminal Justice Decision-making, Moral Reasoning, Crimes against children, Race/Gender/SES disparity