Michael "Mike" Johnson

Graduate Student

Masters in Professional Studies in Applied Demography



  1. Graduate Training in Natural Sciences
  2. Case Western Reserve University (Molecular Virology)
  3. Northwestern University (Microbiology)
  4. B.S. in Biology and Biotechnology, Millersville University of Pennsylvania



Mike was born in Texas, but grew up in Lancaster County, PA from the time he started school until his college graduation in 1998.  He went to Cleveland and then ultimately Chicago for Graduate School, staying there for nearly 10 years before political campaign work brought him back to Pennsylvania in 2010.

Professional Experience

Since 2012, he has worked as the Data Director for the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, where he conducts research and analysis on trends in State and local politics, employment, unionization, and more.  

He converts enormous data tables into easy-to understand maps, charts, and reports; and  provides his organization with the best possible data so that they can make better strategic decisions.

He enjoys his job a great deal, so as far as short-term and long-term career goals – his goals are to stay right where he is; but also to expand his skill set, learn new tools, software, techniques, and data sources so that he can do more.

Through the M.P.S. in Applied Demography he hopes to expand his perspectives, and obtain some refined skills. With this, he expect to contribute more to his work at the PA AFL-CIO.

Working Papers by Michael Johnson

Johnson, Michael. The Impact of Population Change on Reapportionment and Redistricting in Pennsylvania (Unpublished).

Johnson, Michael. An Aging Pennsylvania: Impact on Workforce, Revenue, and Retirement (Unpublished).