Natalia Iturralde

Graduate Certificate in Applied Demography - 7/2020



  1. B.A., University of Texas – San Antonio



I was born and somewhat raised in Laredo, TX, having spent a considerable amount of my childhood in Mexico. I currently reside in my hometown, a city in the South of Texas on the north bank of the Rio Grande River which borders Mexico.

Professional Experience and Interests

I have held a variety of professional employment after having completed my undergraduate studies. I have worked as a court stenographer for the U.S. Social Security Administration Office of Disability Review, a market researcher for a company specializing in healthcare, a social worker for a private foster and adoption agency, and most recently, as an enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau. I currently hold a volunteer position as a Virtual College Advisor for ScholarMatch.

Why PSU-World Campus?

I chose Penn State World Campus after having spoken with the director at the time about what PSU and specifically the World Campus had to offer. During my undergraduate studies, I completed an entire semester’s worth of courses completely online and I knew that online studies would be a fantastic opportunity for me as I would have otherwise not been able to pursue this degree.

Why Applied Demography?

I chose to pursue an MPS in Applied Demography because of my passion for demography and population studies. I aspire to work in higher education and have found that staff in higher education hold a variety of graduate degrees. Therefore, I figured I could pursue something I was really interested in without feeling limited. I have interests in other fields, but I have found Demography to be incredibly refreshing due it’s multi-disciplinary nature. I am confident that the skills I learn in this program will aid me in my future career goals and aspirations.