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Rebecca Bucci is a PhD Candidate in Criminology, currently on the Job Market. Her research interests include juvenile delinquency, deterrence, adolescent development, offender decision making and police-community relations.
Rebecca received her M.A. in Criminology from Penn State University in 2017 and her B.A. in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014.


"Closing the Macro-Micro Link: Testing the Deterrent Effect of Police on Individual Adolescent Outcomes"

My Dissertation focuses on the relationship between police and perceptions of arrest risk, as well as self-reported offending over time. First, I examine the effects of a hot spots intervention on these outcomes. Second, I conduct a similar study using nationally representative survey data to examine the effects of police force size and police expenditures on these same outcomes. The results improve our theoretical understanding of deterrence theory and have important policy implications.

Dissertation Chair(s):

Tom Loughran

Research Interests:

Policing, Adolescent Development & Delinquency, Offender Decision Making