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  • Criminology
  • Demography  
  • Social Inequality
  • Family, Relationships, and Interpersonal Networks
  • Health and Life Course
  • Urban, Community and Spatial Sociology
  • Immigration and Incorporation
  • Social Institutions, Policy, and Culture
  • Quantitative Methods

Alan Sica

  • Professor of Sociology

(814) 863-0121


Classical and Contemporary Social Theory, History of Sociology, Sociology of Culture

Ashton M. Verdery

  • Harry and Elissa Sichi Early Career Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Social Data Analytics
  • Associate Professor of Sociology & Demography
  • Faculty Co-Hire: Institute for Computational and Data Sciences

(814) 863-5385


Social Networks, Demography, Computational Sociology, Quantitative Methodology

Barrett Lee

  • Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Demography

(814) 880-0406


Neighborhood change, racial/ethnic segregation and diversity, urban homelessness, spatial aspects of affluence, community attachment, local social networks

Corina Graif

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  • Research Associate, Population Research Institute
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Quantitative Criminology

(814) 863-7712


Communities and Crime | Neighborhood Effects on Health | Spatial Stratification and Mobility

Darrell Steffensmeier

  • John Kramer Professor of Sociology and Criminology

(814) 466-6476


David P. Baker

  • Professor of Sociology, Education, and Demography
  • Director, Graduate Program in Sociology

(814) 863-0955


Society and science, education as an institution, schooling effects on health, development of the university in society

David R. Johnson

  • Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Human Development and Family Studies


marital quality over the life course; handling missing data in surveys; analysis of longitudinal panel data; health and marital quality; social factors in infertility; and hormones and family behavior

David Ramey

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology

(814) 867-5864


Crime, Deviance, and Social Control,Behavioral Health,Social Demography,Social Disparities in Population Health,Immigration/Migration,Quantitative Methods

Derek Kreager

  • Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology and Criminology

(814) 867-0217


Life Course, Crime and Delinquency, Incarceration, Romantic and Peer Networks

Diane Felmlee

  • Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 863-5509


aggression and friendship networks; cyberbullying; gendered ties and relationships; gender inequality; longitudinal analysis; interdependent events

Eric P. Baumer

  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology

(814) 863-2240


Eric Silver

  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology

(814) 865-8714


Francis Dodoo

  • Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Demography, and African Studies

(814) 863-2240


African Demography, race and ethnic inequality, AIDS and population health

Gary John Adler Jr.

  • Director, Undergraduate Program in Sociology
  • Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Faculty Affiliate, PSU Rock Ethics Institute
  • Faculty Affiliate, PSU Social Thought Program
  • Member, PSU Society for the Study of Religion

(814) 863-5365


Culture, Social Movements, Religion, Civic Organizations, Catholic Parishes

Glenn Firebaugh

  • Roy C. Buck Professor Emeritus in American Institutions
  • and Sociology and Demography


Global inequalities, income inequality, racial/ ethnic segregation in the U.S., measuring inequality and segregation

Gordon De Jong

  • Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 863-2277


Social demography, migration & immigration, aging

Holly Nguyen

  • Associate Professor of Sociology, Criminology, and Public Policy

(814) 863-5404


Employment and Crime, Rewards to Crime, Illicit Drug Markets, Criminological Theory

Jeffery T. Ulmer

  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  • Director, Criminal Justice Research Center
  • Program Co-Chair, Criminal Justice Policy and Administration MPS Degree, World Campus

(814) 865-6429


Criminology, social psychology, organizations, race and ethnic inequality, theory, religion

Jennifer Glick

  • Arnold S. and Bette G. Hoffman Professor in Sociology
  • Director, Population Research Institute

(814) 863-4719


Demography, Family, Migration, Race/ Ethnicity

Jennifer Van Hook

  • Roy C. Buck Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 867-2276


Immigration (Health and Well-being of Children of Immigrants, Assimilation and Integration of Immigrants; Unauthorized Migration, Indirect Estimation Techniques of Migration Flows); Social Demography; Demographic Techniques; Health

Jeremy Staff

  • Professor of Sociology, Criminology, and Demography

(814) 865-4560


John Iceland

  • Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 867-2821


demography, social inequality, immigration, and urban sociology

John McCarthy

  • Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Sociology

(814) 863-8260


social movements, collective behavior, protest groups

Jonathan Daw

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 863-0096


Gene-Environment Interplay, Health, Demography, Stratification, Social and Kinship Networks, Quantitative Methodology

Liying Luo

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 863-0147


Age-Period-Cohort Models, Trend Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Life Course, Health Disparities

Michelle Frisco

  • Professor of Sociology & Demography
  • Head of the Department of Sociology & Criminology

(814) 863-5507


population health & health disparities; children's health and well-being, causes & consequences of obesity

Molly A. Martin

  • Associate Professor of Sociology & Demography

(814) 863-5508


Social inequality, family, demography, health

Nancy Landale

  • Liberal Arts Research Professor Emerita of Sociology and
  • Demography


Racial and ethnic variation in family processes, union formation and dissolution, fertility, the role of fathers

Nancy Luke

  • Professor of Sociology and Demography

(814) 865-8867


Social demography; gender, marriage, and family; sexual, reproductive, and child health; migration and remittances; Africa and South Asia

R.S. Oropesa ("Sal")

  • Professor of Sociology & Demography


Urban social disorder and disorganization, immigrant incorporation and assimilation in new destinations, neighborhood mobilization