How to Prepare

Come Back to Campus offers students and alumni the unique opportunity to connect one-to-one. Students can take advantage of this time in a variety of ways:

  • Come prepared with questions
  • Bring along your resume for candid feedback by a professional in your field of interest
  • Ask your mentor to walk you through a mock-interview
  • Inquire about career paths and expectations
  • Expand your network base



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the dress code?

This is an informal networking event and although there is no dress code, "business casual" is recommended.

Should I bring anything with me?

Feel free to bring along your resume - our alums are eager and willing to review them for you and make suggestions for improvement. Other than that, just bring an open mind, some enthusiasm, and your questions.

Is there anything I shouldn't do?

This event will really be a waste of your time --- and the alums' time --- if you just sit there passively without saying a word. Think of this as a chance to "try out" networking with a very safe group of people -- all of these alums made the trip to State College, specifically to help you!

A lot of students are tempted to "dismiss" an alum because they don't believe that the alum's current job is interesting or that it applies to their future goals --- and that's a mistake you want to avoid. Remember that most of our alums have had positions other than their current ones – you can ask about that. Also, most alums work with and network with people who work in other areas of the justice system, too. In short, they may know --- and be able to put you in touch with --- people who work in an area that does interest you.