Help a Professor with Their Research

You can learn a lot and gain valuable professional experience from helping a professor with their research as a Research Assistant.  For example, you will learn about the subject you are researching, about how the sociological research process works, and about professional skills such as building relationships, participating in meetings, professional communication, and time management.  Research Assistants may do a variety of tasks such as using the library to look for articles and books on the topic, writing summaries of past research, coding online articles into a spreadsheet database, helping to get a survey ready to administer, or getting data ready to analyze statistically. You will work hard and in the end you will have gained a relationship with a faculty member or graduate students enhanced skills that will help you in many occupations and in life, and perhaps earned course credit.

To learn more about opportunities to be a Research Assistant you can contact a faculty member whose class you enjoyed or whose research interests you.  Find more information about faculty members’ research interests here.  You can also learn about research opportunities by contacting the Sociology advisors and by looking for e-mail announcements from the Sociology majors/minors listserv.  These are e-mails from L-SOC-MAJORS@LISTS.PSU.EDU. Your Sociology advisor can help you complete the necessary forms and decide about earning course credits.

Research Assistant & Independent Study Proposal Form