Other Internship Programs

LA 495 Internship Program

If your internships interests lie outside the CRIM or SOC majors, you may want to consider the general LA 495 internship program, which is open to all majors in Liberal Arts. For more information, go to www.la.psu.edu/current-students/cen/internships. *Note: General internship credits may be used only for elective credits.


The Washington Internship Program

Students may also be interested in the Penn State Washington Internship Program. The Washington Internship Program helps students in finding meaningful internships appropriate to their interests and career goals. In the past, students have worked with environmental groups, congressional committees, and other special interest groups. The program also provides housing, special events, and helps students who are interested in credit for their internship. For more information, visit their Website at: http://comm.psu.edu/current/washington-program.