Is Sociology in College Different than in High School?

If you took sociology in high school chances are you had fun and got an introduction to some of the big ideas in sociology, which is great!  Study at the college level is more advanced than in high school, even in the lower level college classes.  In college you will study more of the ways in which sociology is a science and you will be expected to understand sociology topics, theory, and ways of doing research in more depth and detail than you did in high school.  You will also be expected to develop critical thinking skills where you show that you can compare, contrast, synthesize and evaluate different ideas and the evidence for them.  You will also be expected to learn how to develop thoughtful arguments to support your ideas.  Our nationally known faculty will help you learn all these skills!  By the time you graduate you will have had experience reading and thinking carefully about sociology theory and research, learned about data and how to use basic statistics and statistical packages to analyze it in order to answer questions, and become better at presenting your ideas in writing and in oral presentations.  These are skills that are useful in a wide range of occupations and in life!