Sociology B.S.

A minimum of 123 credits is required for graduation.  All major requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Requirements for the Major: 61-63 credits

 For the complete list of requirements, please visit the University Bulletin here.

 Important Note: The advanced level STAT course must be taken prior to SOC 400W. 

* It is recommended that you take SOC 400W in the first semester of your senior year. The prerequisites for SOC 400W are SOC 207 and SOC 470 ( or  SOC 207 and an advanced level STAT course).  This course sequencing is strictly enforced.

Note: While SOC 294, 296, 300, 494, 496, and LA 496D provide students with terrific opportunities and learning experiences, these credits may NOT be counted in fulfillment of the Sociology major requirements. They may, however, be used as elective credits to count toward the credit requirement for graduation.  Soc 469 may count for 3 credits toward the major if it is taken twice for a total of 6 credits.

Note: Internship credits will be counted towards elective credits, unless approved by the internship coordinator to meet a general 3 credit 400 level SOC course requirement.

Important Notes for Change of Location Students

  • 24 of the credits related to the primary area of study stipulated under "requirements for the major" must be completed at University Park, as per the requirement, Establishing Residency in a Major, as per University Policy.

General Education:45 Credits
(4 Credits are Included in the Requirements for the Major)

Electives: Minimum of 21-23

First-Year Seminar:
(Included in Electives or General Education Course Selection)

Writing Across The Curriculum:
(Included in Requirements for the Major)

United States Cultures & International Cultures Courses:
(Included in Electives or General Education Course Selection)