Study Abroad

CLJ students in front of la piramide de la luna.

Liberal Arts majors are encouraged to visit the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network website for more information about study abroad and international opportunities. The Career Enrichment Network website features a step-by-step guide to studying abroad, including information about researching programs, meeting with academic and education abroad adviser(s), and funding opportunities to support international experiences. Liberal Arts majors can also schedule appointments with a Network staff member to discuss enrichment funding, College and University-wide resources, or to talk about incorporating education abroad experiences into resumes and career planning.


If you have questions about studying abroad, contact the department advisers, or the Education Abroad Office for more information.  Criminology students may also be interested in the summer program in the Netherlands.

For more information about the benefits of studying abroad, requirements, and programs recommended by the department, click on the appropriate link below:

Amsterdam, Netherlands: The Anne Frank House, Human Rights, and Crimes Against Humanity (July 2 - August 7, 2022) (Howard Smith)
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Criminal and Social Justice (July 2 - August 7, 2022) (Tim Robicheaux)


For listing of CRIM and SOC courses accredited abroad, click on the following links:

CRIM Study Abroad Course Accreditations
SOC Study Abroad Course Accreditations

To find information on other courses accredited abroad, see the Education Abroad Web site.