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Derek Kreager

Derek Kreager

Professor of Sociology and Criminology

Director, Undergraduate Program in Criminology

604 Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-0217

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph.D. Sociology, University of Washington

Research Interests

Life Course, Crime and Delinquency, Incarceration, Romantic and Peer Networks

Awards and Achievements

  • Ruth Shonle Cavan Young Scholars Award, American Society of Criminology.
  • Donald D. Harrington Faculty Fellowship, University of Texas Sociology Department and Population Research Center.
  • Roy C. Buck Award for Outstanding Article by a PSU Junior Faculty Member: “Motherhood and Criminal Desistance in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods” (with Matsueda and Erosheva).
  • William T. Grant Foundation Scholars Award: “Peer Networks and Adolescent Sexual Development.”
  • Outstanding Article Award for 2006, American Society of Criminology: “Deterring Delinquents: A Rational Choice Model of Theft and Violence” (with Matsueda and Huizinga).
  • Second Prize, American Sociological Association Student Paper Award in the area of Crime, Law, and Deviance: “Unnecessary Roughness? School Sports, Peer Networks, and Male Adolescent Violence.”
  • First Prize, American Society of Criminology Gene Carte Student Paper Award: “Strangers in the Halls: Isolation and Delinquency in School Networks.”
  • Herbert L. Costner Award for Distinguished UW Graduate Paper: “Strangers in the Halls: Isolation and Delinquency in School Networks.”

Selected Publications

  • Kreager, Derek A., Shannon E. Cavanagh, John Yen, and Mo Yu. 2014. “’Where Have All the Good Men Gone?' Gendered Interactions in Online Dating.” Journal of Marriage and Family 76(2):387-410.
  • Vasilenko, Sarah A., Derek A. Kreager and Eva S. Lefkowitz. Forthcoming. “Gender, contraceptive attitudes, and condom use in adolescent romantic relationships: A dyadic approach.” Journal of Research on Adolescence.
  • Kreager, Derek A., Richard Felson, Cody Warner, and Marin R. Wenger. 2013. “Women’s Education, Marital Violence, and Divorce: A Social Exchange Perspective.” Journal of Marriage and Family 75:565-581.
  • Kreager, Derek A., Dana L. Haynie, and Suellen Hopfer. 2013. “Dating and Substance Use in Adolescent Peer Networks: A Replication and Extension.” Addiction 108(3):638-647.
  • Telesca, Donatello, Elena A. Erosheva, Derek A. Kreager, and Ross L. Matsueda. 2012. “Modeling Criminal Careers as Departures from a Unimodal Population Age-Crime Curve: The Case of Marijuana Use.” Journal of the American Statistical Association. 107(500):1427-1440.
  • Kreager, Derek A., Christopher Lyons, and Zachary Hays. 2011. “Urban Revitalization and Seattle Crime, 1982-2000.” Social Problems 58(4):615-639.
  • Kreager, Derek A. and Dana L. Haynie. 2011. “Dangerous Liaisons? Dating and Drinking Diffusion in Adolescent Peer Networks.” American Sociological Review 76(5):737-763.
  • Kreager, Derek A., Kelly Rulison, and James Moody. 2011. “Delinquency and the Structure of Adolescent Peer Groups.” Criminology 49(1):95-127.
  • Koon-Magnin, Sarah, Derek A. Kreager, and R. Barry Ruback. 2010. “Partner Age-Span, Educational Contexts, and Adolescent Female Sexual Activity.” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 42(3):206-13.
  • Kreager, Derek A., Ross L. Matsueda, and Elena Erosheva. 2010. “Motherhood and Criminal Desistance in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods.” Criminology 48(1):901-937.
  • Kreager, Derek A. and Jeremy Staff. 2009. “The Sexual Double Standard and Adolescent Peer Acceptance.” Social Psychology Quarterly 72(2):143-164.
  • Kreager, Derek A. 2008. “Guarded Borders: Interracial Teen Dating and Difficulties with Peers.” Social Forces 87(2):887-910.
  • Staff, Jeremy, and Derek A. Kreager. 2008. “Too Cool for School? Peer Status and High School Dropout.” Social Forces 87(1):445-471.
  • Kreager, Derek A. 2007. “Unnecessary Roughness? School Sports, Peer Networks, and Male Adolescent Violence.” American Sociological Review 72(5):705-724.
  • Kreager, Derek A. 2007. “When it’s Good to be ‘Bad’: Violence and Adolescent Peer Acceptance.” Criminology 45(4):601-631.
  • Matsueda, Ross L., Derek A. Kreager and David Huizinga. 2006. “Deterring Delinquents: A Rational Choice Model of Theft and Violence.” American Sociological Review 71(1):95-122.
  • Kreager, Derek A. 2004. “Strangers in the Halls: Isolation and Delinquency in School Networks.” Social Forces 83(1):351-390.
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