Dear Friends,

We are very proud of the many alums of the Department of Sociology and Criminology who enriched our community during their time with us and are now helping to foster a better world through their work and other contributions to society.  We are fortunate that many of our alums continue to play a valuable role in the life of the department through their involvement in student mentorship, sharing of information about job opportunities, and financial contributions that help to establish scholarships to support student enrichment activities, such as internships and study abroad opportunities.  Our outstanding Alumni Board of Visitors is providing strong leadership in helping us strengthen our connections to our network of alums, and is collaborating with us to ensure that Penn State remains a leading Department of Sociology and Criminology.  With their help, we aim to create an expansive and cohesive community of students, faculty, and alumni.

Michelle Frisco

Please consider joining our growing community by reconnecting with us or taking your current participation to another level.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have a moment, please consider completing this brief online survey to let us know what you are doing.  Our current students would benefit immensely from learning a bit about your story, and we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to keep in touch about what’s happening in the department, invite you to upcoming alumni social events, and solidify your connections to other alums and current students.

With the help of our alumni, volunteers, and a lot of hard work by our faculty, students, and staff, we have achieved national distinction as a top 20 department during the last decade.  Looking at some of our specializations within the department, our demography program is currently recognized as one of the top 10 programs, and our criminology program was recently ranked in the top 5.  We are eager to maintain our excellence, and also to make a push to enhance it.  Your support would go far in helping us to achieve that objective, and by doing so would continue to honor the value of your education and would help our current undergraduate and graduate students achieve their educational and career goals.  Your financial investment in our future would be much appreciated.

I invite you to explore the website and to get in touch with me ( or Joy Vincent-Killian, Outreach & Enrichment Coordinator, 814-867-3291, to join our alumni network.

Best wishes,
Michelle Frisco ⋅ Head, Department of Sociology and Criminology