Criminology BS + Public Policy MS

Criminology BS + Public Policy MS

Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program

Criminology Bachelor of Science students can earn a master’s degree in Public Policy with only one additional year of study through the integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) degree program offered by the School of Public Policy (SPP). By double-counting up to 12 credits during the senior year, students can complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and a Master’s degree in Public Policy in five years of study.

Through the IUG program, students can save money (tuition costs remain at the undergraduate rate throughout the course of study), enter the workforce sooner, and drive real-world results.

  • One of the nation’s top Criminology programs
  • Gain substantive knowledge of crime and the criminal justice system
  • Develop strong analytic and critical thinking skills
  • Develop advanced skills to identify, analyze, and solve policy issues
  • Learn policy design, implementation and evaluation

Job market advantage

Students have the opportunity to integrate strong critical thinking skills, in-depth substantive knowledge in criminology, and state-of-the-art public policy knowledge and data analytics skills that will place them at a competitive advantage for jobs.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, MPP graduates earn an average of $19,000 more than their counterparts with bachelor’s degrees. Prodigy Finance reports that MPP grads can expect a 31% increase in salary.

Application Materials

  • Good progress in student’s undergraduate studies
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.4 at the time of application
  • Faculty recommendations
  • Two-page statement of purpose

Students must also apply to and be accepted into, the Graduate School at Penn State. Internal IUG students are NOT required to take the GRE.

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For more information on the IUG program please visit or to begin the application process, inquire with the department in 202 Pond Lab or email