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Jennifer Van Hook

Jennifer Van Hook

Director, Population Research Institute and Professor of Sociology and Demography

601B Oswald Tower
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-2276

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Ph.D., University of Texas, 1996

Research and Teaching Interests

Immigration (Health and Well-being of Children of Immigrants, Assimilation and Integration of Immigrants; Unauthorized Migration, Indirect Estimation Techniques of Migration Flows); Social Demography; Demographic Techniques; Household/Family Structure; Health

Penn State Courses

  • Population and Policy Issues (Sociology 023)
  • Event History Analysis (Sociology 577)
  • Sociology of Immigration (Sociology 496)

Research Grants (Active)

  • National Institutes of Health. “Obesity among Mexican Children of Immigrants "
  • National Institutes of Health. “Generating Linked NCHS and OIS Data for Immigrant Health and Mortality Research "
  • National Institutes of Health.  “A Demographic Analysis of Socioeconomic Instability and Well-being Among Children of Immigrants"

Selected Publications

  • Glick, Jennifer E. and Jennifer Van Hook.  Forthcoming.  “Does a house divided stand? Kinship and continuity of shared living arrangements.” Journal of Marriage and the Family.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer and Claire Altman.  Forthcoming.  “Competitive Food Sales in Schools and Childhood Obesity: A Longitudinal Study.”Sociology of Education.
  • Balistreri, Kelly Stamper and Jennifer Van Hook.  Forthcoming.  “Trajectories of Overweight among US School Children: A focus on social and economic characteristics.” Maternal and Child Health Journal (published online June 10, 2010).
  • Landale, Nancy S., Kevin J. A. Thomas, and Jennifer Van Hook.  2011.  “The Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants.”  The Future of Children 21(1): 43-70.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer and Elizabeth Baker.  2010.  “Big Boys, Little Girls: Gender, Acculturation, and Weight among Young Children of Immigrants.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51: 200-214.
  • Balistreri, Kelly S. and Jennifer Van Hook.  2009.  “Socioeconomic Status and Body Mass Index Among Hispanic Children of Immigrants and Children of Natives.”  American Journal of Public Health 99(12): 2238-2246.
  • Baker, Elizabeth, Kelly S. Balistreri, and Jennifer Van Hook.  2009.  “Maternal Employment and Overweight among Hispanic Children of Immigrants and Children of Natives.”  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 11(3): 158-167.
  • Buelow, Victoria and Jennifer Van Hook.  2008.  “Timely Immunization Series Completion Among Children of Immigrants.”  Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 10(1): 37-44.
  • Brown, Susan L., Jennifer Van Hook, and Jennifer E. Glick.  2008.  “Cohabitation Among Immigrants Versus Natives in the U.S.”  Population Research and Policy Review 27(5):531-550.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer, and Jennifer E. Glick.  2007.  “Immigration and Living Arrangements:  Moving Beyond the ‘Instrumental Needs Versus Acculturation’ Dichotomy.”  Demography 44(2): 225-249.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer, and Jason Snyder.  2007.  “Immigration, Ethnicity, and the Loss of White Students From California Public Schools, 1990-2000.”  Population Research and Policy Review 26: 259-277.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer and Kelly S. Balistreri.  2007.  “Immigrant Generation, Socioeconomic Status, and Economic Development of Countries of Origin: A Longitudinal Study of BMI among Children.”  Social Science and Medicine 65: 976-989.
  • Ryabov, Igor K. and Jennifer Van Hook.  2007.  “School Segregation and Academic Achievement among Hispanic Adolescents.”  Social Science Research 36(2): 767-788.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer and Kelly Stamper Balistreri.  2006.  “Ineligible Parents, Eligible Children: Food Stamps Receipt, Allotments and Food Insecurity among Children of Immigrants.”  Social Science Research 35(1): 228-251.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer, Susan L. Brown, and Maxwell Kwenda.  2004. “A Decomposition of Trends in Poverty Among Children of Immigrants.” Demography 41(4): 649-670.
  • Balistreri, Kelly and Jennifer Van Hook.  2004.  “The more things change the more they stay the same: Mexican Naturalization Before and After Welfare Reform.” International Migration Review 38(Spring): 113-130.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer. 2002.  “Immigration and African American Educational Opportunity: Are Limited English Proficient Students Disproportionately Transforming Minority Schools?”  Sociology of Education 75(2): 169-189.
  • Van Hook, Jennifer, and Kelly Balistreri.  2002.  “Diversity and Change in the Institutional Context of Immigrant Adaptation: California Schools 1985-2000.”  Demography 39(4): 639-654.

Research Interests:


International immigration, immigrant health, living arrangements

The Quantitative Methods Specialization in Sociology:

Event history models, applied demography methods

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