Adoption: A Strategy to Fulfill Sex Preferences of U.S. Parents

PHD candidate Ashley Larsen Gibby and Kevin Thomas, Associate Professor of Sociology, Demography, and African Studies, paper on adoption and parents' sex preferences is now out in the Journal of Marriage and Family.
Published: Nov 01, 2018

Parents in the United States tend to prefer a “balanced” family, with at least one boy and one girl (for a review, see Lundberg, 2005, p. 340). Several researchers have found that parents with children of the same sex are more likely to continue childbearing than are parents with one son and one daughter, presumably in the pursuit of creating a gender‐balanced family (e.g., Ben‐Porath & Welch, 1976; Tian & Morgan, 2015). What remains unknown, however, is whether parents use adoption as an alternate strategy to fulfill these preferences. Click here to read more.