The global triumph of the research university: A driving force of science production

New Brookings article about Dr. David Baker's book The Century of Science: The Global Triumph of the Research University 
Published: Apr 06, 2018

The demand for higher education in countries around the world has never been higher. This increase in education levels has generated many benefits to society, including more knowledgeable citizens, advanced economies, and enhanced longevity. We have also seen countries and universities invest heavily in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), including health (STEM+) research and scientific output. This has resulted in unexpected pure exponential growth in science production around the world (see Figure 1). Increased competition, as well as boundary-spanning collaborations, drive unprecedented scientific advancement and technological innovation.

In a book entitled The Century of Science: The Global Triumph of the Research University, we explore global scientific developments from the early 20th century to today. University-based research, especially, has risen globally to become the driving force of science production in STEM+ fields. Universities, with their multiple missions of research, teaching, and public service, are uniquely positioned to contribute to scientific output while simultaneously producing the next generation of scientists.

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