Two Penn State Graduates, Jason Houle and Cody Warner, Among the Top 50 downloaded Articles in Sociology

Published: Sep 27, 2018

Congratulations to Penn State Graduates, Jason Houle and Cody Warner!  Their 2017 Sociology of Education article, "Into the Red and Back to the Nest?  Student Dept, College Completion, and Returning to the Parental Home among Young Adults", was one of the top 50 downloaded articles in sociology in 2017.  Jason Houle is currently an assistant professor at Dartmouth University and Cody Warner is an assistant professor at Montana State University.  Their article examines the claim that rising student debt is leading to a rise in ‘‘boomeranging,’’ or returning home.  They find that student loan debt is not associated with boomeranging in general.  But this association is more evident among particular groups such as black youth, leading them to conclude that "rising debt has created new risks and may reproduce social inequalities in the transition to adulthood."