Winston Tripp (2013)

Winston Tripp (2013)
Associate Dean and Director of UWG Center for Research


Social Movements, Community Engagement, Political Sociology, Social Stratification, Environmental Sociology, Quantitative Methodology/Statistics


Tripp, Winston B. (2017) “Reduce, Reuse, and Organize: Recycling and Participation in the Environmental Movement.” The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology. 9(1). Article 5.

Tripp, Winston B. (forthcoming) “Being green: Patterns of participation in the environmental movement”. Current Sociology

Smallwood, Amber M. K., Yates, Bradford L., and Tripp, Winston B. (forthcoming) “College Radio Takeovers and Shutdowns: An Analysis of News Coverage from 2006-2016” Journal of Radio and Audio Media

Tripp, Winston B., and Gage, Danielle N. (forthcoming) “Differential Protest Participation over the Life Course: An Analysis of First-Time, Mid-Life Protesters”. Research in Social Movements, Conflict, and Change

Winston Tripp (2013)