People specializing in this area


Eric P. Baumer

Criminology, Community and Urban Sociology, Law and Social Control, Demography, Quantitative Research Methods and Statistics

Diane Felmlee

Social Networks, aggression and friendship networks, cyberbullying

Richard Felson

 Social psychology of violence; race, regional, and national differences in violence

Corina Graif

communities and crime, with a focus on mobility and neighborhood effects on children and youth and on the spatial stratification of violence, risk, and opportunity

Derek Kreager

Incarceration and community re-entry, adolescent social networks and health-risk behaviors

Thomas A. Loughran

criminology, offender decision-making, public policy

Holly Nguyen

Rewards from criminal and non-criminal behavior, consequences of group crime, illicit drug markets

David Ramey

Crime, Deviance, and Social Control,Behavioral Health,Social Demography,Social Disparities in Population Health,Immigration/Migration,Quantitative Methods

Eric Silver

morality and rule breaking behavior, the relationship between mental disorder and violence/victimization, deviance

Jeremy Staff

Criminology, Life Course Studies, Stratification

Darrell Steffensmeier

theory construction, including development of theories of gender/crime relationship, age/crime relationship, and criminal justice decision making, patterns and predictors of crime, criminal careers and life-course criminality  

Jeffery T. Ulmer

inequalities in criminal sentencing at the state and federal levels, racial and ethnic disparity in Pennsylvania’s death penalty, criminal victimization affecting religious congregations 

Graduate Directors

Thomas A. Loughran

criminology, offender decision-making, public policy