Samuel Stabler

Samuel Stabler
Associate Teaching Professor of Sociology

Professional Bio

Sam Stabler teaches introduction to sociology, sociological theory, sociology of deviance, and social psychology at Penn State. He completed his PhD in Sociology at Yale University, and loves introducing new students to sociological questions. His research examines how moral ideals shape, and are shaped by, conflicts surrounding the built environment, infrastructural development, and the management of religious diversity. By theorizing how moral landscapes are transformed into material settings, his research contributes to enduring debates in the sociology of religion, cultural sociology, and comparative-historical sociology. Beyond this, in three collaborative projects, he examines the moral implications of routine sociological debate, the links between humor and sociology, and how the culture of intensive parenting shapes demographic outcomes.

Recent Research

Shai Dromi & Samuel Stabler Moral Minefields: Debating the Good in Sociological Research (book, forthcoming, University of Chicago press)

Stabler, Samuel “Church, Space and Pluralism: Two Puritan Settlements, Territory, and Religious Tolerance” Sociology of Religion 80(2):222-246 (available online)

Dromi, Shai & Samuel Stabler “Good on Paper: Sociological Critique, Pragmatism, and Moral Practice” Theory and Society 48(2):325-350 (available online)

  • Honorable Mention - Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity, Article Award 2020

Maralani, Vida & Samuel Stabler “Intensive Parenting: Fertility and Breastfeeding Duration in the United States” Demography 55:1681-1704 (available online)

Sam Stabler