Tim Robicheaux

Tim Robicheaux
Teaching Professor of Sociology and Criminology

Curriculum Vitae


Psychology (Legal Psychology) (Ph.D.)--University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Masters in Legal Studies (M.L.S.)--University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Psychology (M.A.)--University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Psychology (B.S.)--Louisiana State University

Professional Bio

Bornstein, B.H., Robicheaux, T.R., & Elliott, E. (in press). The role of semantic relatedness in producing the revelation effect: A test of the global matching model. Journal of Cognitive Psychology. <br
Robicheaux, T.R. (2014). The Death Penalty in Pennsylvania. In M.P. Brewster & H.R. Dammer (Eds.), Pennsylvania's Criminal Justice System (pp. 173-195). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. <br
Neal, T., Christiansen, A., Bornstein, B.H., Robicheaux, T.R., & Christianson, A.K. (2012). The effects of mock jurors’ beliefs about eyewitness performance on trial judgments. Psychology, Crime & Law, 18, 1, 49-64.<br
Robicheaux, T.R. & Bornstein, B.H. (2010). Punished dead or alive: Empirical perspectives on awarding punitive damages against deceased defendants. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 16, 393-417.<br
Winter, R.J. & Robicheaux, T.R. (2011). Questions about the jury: What trial consultants should know about jury decision-making. In R.L. Wiener & B.H. Bornstein (Eds.), Handbook of Trial Consulting, New York: Springer. <br
Bornstein, B.H., Robicheaux, T.R., & Thimsen, S. (2009). Punitive damages: A vehicle for punishment in civil cases. In M.. Oswald, S. Bieneck, & J. Hupfeld-Heinemann (Eds.), Social psychology of punishment of crime. Wiley. <br
Bornstein, B.H. & Robicheaux, T.R. (2008). Methodological issues in the study of eyewitness memory and arousal. Creighton Law Review, 42, 525-548.<br
Bornstein, B.H. & Robicheaux, T.R. (2008). Crisis, what crisis? Perception and reality in civil justice. In B.H. Bornstein, R.L. Wiener, R. Schopp, & S. Willborn (Eds.), Civil juries and civil justice: Psychological and legal perspectives (pp. 1-19). New York: Springer.

Tim Robicheaux
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