Five Liberal Arts Courses Sending Students Abroad Over Spring Break

Five Liberal Arts Courses Sending Students Abroad Over Spring Break

Next week, many students will be exploring new cultures and countries through five different international embedded courses in the College of the Liberal Arts. Students will travel to Italy, Greece, Scotland, Cambodia and Curacao with Penn State faculty members.

Before and after going abroad, these students are enrolled in a course at University Park during the Spring 2018 semester. The spring break trip is an embedded part of the traditional semester class and brings the material to life. It enables students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

The following are the five embedded courses that will be traveling abroad during the week of spring break.

Students enrolled in IT 197 and BIOL 497 Anatomy in Italy: Cadavers, Culture and Science, will travel to Florence, Bologna and Rome. The BIOL 497 class will study the history of anatomy as a science. The IT 197 class will participate in on-site experiences, where they will utilize elementary Italian language skills and cultural knowledge.

Students participating in the embedded program, Ancient Greece and the Comparative Study of the Ancient Mediterranean, are currently enrolled in one of the following courses: CAMS 25U, CAMS/HIST 100, or CAMS 400W. The Athens Centre will be hosting the students and faculty as they learn about the ancient monuments and museums and daily life in modern Greece.

Students in ANTH 140 Anthropology of Alcohol are traveling to Scotland over spring break. Students will spend seven days in Scotland visiting distilleries and breweries as well as learning about the social impact of alcohol by visiting various Scottish cultural sites.

Students enrolled in PSYCH 212/HDFS 239 will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia with the embedded course, Children in Cambodia: Understanding PreK-12 Opportunities. Participants in the course will visit local pre-schools, elementary, middle and high schools. The embedded program has worked with charitable organizations in the past and will be working with a new nonprofit this year called Ponheary Ly Foundation.

CRIM 412 students in the embedded course, Curacao: Crime, Social Control and the Legal System, will travel to Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island, in order to gain a better understanding of how the Dutch legal system is implemented on the island. World Campus, Commonwealth and University Park students will be taking part in the travel component of the course as it is being taught online.

To learn more about embedded courses offered through the College of the Liberal Arts, contact the Global Experiences Coordinator in the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network, Chelsea Keen, at

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Five Liberal Arts Courses Sending Students Abroad Over Spring Break