Students Face Traumatic Transition from Middle School into High School

According to the study, students who changed to a new school between middle and high school also were more likely to report no friendships with their school peers, said Felmlee. This type of social isolation is associated with poor health, low self-worth and suicidal ideation, according to previous research.
Published: Nov 01, 2018

Making a transition from middle school to high school is linked to friendship shake-ups among students and may also increase the likelihood of long-lasting academic and personal struggles, according to a team of sociologists.

In a study of more than 14,000 students, researchers examined the effects of changing from middle school to high school between 8th and 9th grade on adolescent friendship popularity and school grades. They found that those who change schools have fewer friends and are significantly less likely to earn higher grades as compared to those who remain in the same school during 8th and 9th grade. More concerning for the researchers is that many students did not seem to rebound from this transition during high school. Click here to read further.