Jisu Park

Jisu Park

Graduate Student of Sociology and Demography

307 Oswald Tower
University Park , Pennsylvania 16802


  1. 2016 - Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Lawrence University


I am Jisu Park, a graduate student in Sociology and Demography at Pennsylvania State University. Broadly speaking, I am interested in the health disparity and social inequality of the sexual minority population. In particular, I am studying how social environments, such as geographic locations, neighborhoods, social networks, family settings, public policy, stigmatization, and migration, influence the health outcomes, both physical and mental, of sexual minorities. I am also interested in studying factors that motivate LGBT individuals to participate in the LGBT rights movement as well as how such movements affect inequalities based on sexual identities. Regionally, my academic interest lies in North America and East Asia.

Before starting the graduate program at Pennsylvania State University, I received my B.A. degree in Political Science at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. Throughout my years at Lawrence University, I studied how evangelical churches in South Korea help the acculturation process of North Korean defectors by conducting qualitative in-person interviews with North Korean defectors living in Seoul.

Research Interests:

Gender and Sexuality; Health Disparities; Social Networks; Stigmatization; Minority Stress; Neighborhood and Community; Social Movements; Discrimination